Write A Book

Thinking about it… I could write a book with my previous experiences with my AVM. Thoughts? I’ll take constructive criticism as well. Thank you in advance!

Hi E,

I hope it’s okay that I abbreviated…

I’m actually in the process of organizing a cumulative outline of my life and trying to figure out how to make a good story about it. I am wrestling because so much of the technical stuff we talk about until it is part of, they would just glaze over it and not really pay attention to it and you’d lose it.

So picking and choosing the parts that the market (which market?) would want to read, would be a big part of my story. Let me offer an explanation:

  • My life as a banker - how I spent 20 years getting others in debt and furthered the government’s redlining and racial housing and mortgage laws - and never saw it until 5 years after I left and we changed churches to a multi-racial church.
  • My life as an adoptive father (that is actually going to be a separate journey - “The Starfish is wrong - and other stories about the failure of white people to handle inter racial adoption well - and how it hurts the kids.”
  • My life as a middle aged white guy in a church that is significantly more multi-ethnic, multi-colored than I am - even though 40% of my children are significantly darker skinned than I am.
  • The wall, the thread, the path all of it evened out, impacted and changed by this thing called an AVM.

Well, if that was my elevator pitch to try to get a publisher interested, I suspect I didn’t do so well - unless it helps. Reach out any time I can help, seriously…


Thank you sooooo much TJV.

Your thoughts were very insightful. I’ve went back and forth with the thought of writing a book but I feel it’s my calling from God. What are your thoughts about that? Thank you.

Lillian (Lilly) Eickhoff

As I write mine, you’ll be able to see that throughout all of it, God has been at the center of it. God’s been the one I’ve been mad at when healing hasn’t gone well, God’s been the one who has said, “Tell me why it’s not fair, get angry, that’s okay.” I’m convinced that if it weren’t for God through my wife and my therapist (aka my Randy), I would not have made it through the past two years. They were his hands and feet holding me up and keeping me moving forward.

More to comee,


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I say go for it! I have mine written, waiting on the tax refund to publish. For all interested the more exposure gleaned for AVM, the better outcome for others down the road! Blessings as you continue to write!

Sounds interesting, but I think you have two books there. One about racism/adoption and another about your AVM.
Have you thought about self-publishing online? I guess you probably have given your history as a banker.

Tom has an online blog. Check the link in his bio by clicking on his icon.