Wow I'm scared

I go to the hospital Monday for an angiogram and I’m really afraid. But on the bright side I got my permit finally.

Hi Brooke! I have missed you on here. Congrats on the permit! Let us know how the angio turns out. I will be sending positive thoughts and wishes your way!

Angiograms aren’t really that bad. I’m going in for my third one later this week. They are like a half hour-ish & pretty much painless.

Oh brooke, You have nothing to be afraid of. I've had 5 of them, I think(?)... I lost count. They aren't bad at all. They give you a local so you are half out of it. One of the hospitals I get it done at let me watch the screen while they are doing it. It's actually kind of cool. Since they give you a local, I like them better than the MRIs. The time goes a lot faster... ha ha.

"Congratulations on getting your permit." Yayyy!!!! :)

Good luck,