Would you "bare your scar" if it would raise awareness of our medical condition?

Just out of curiosity.

Absolutely! I consider my scar a warrior patch and I sign of the utmost battle of survival! And anything to help others!

100% yes, I consider it my ‘badass badge’. Mine is relatively new, and very noticeable, not far from my hairline…happy to raise awareness…

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For charity and awareness i would do so...God bless!

unfortunately I think too many of us already do, I know that mine is almoast always on show and my head has this bump near the front right where my hair line is as this was frtom the first bone flap craniotomy, But most people don't notice it, I do, but not others. But to answer your question yes absolutely anything really to raise awareness :) .

I don’t have a scar, as I had gamma knife. There are times when I think a scar across my skull would explain what happened to me better than words. How about you, tdz103m?

I have a shunt lump and belly scar. One is covered by hair, the other covered by a shirt or a bit of fur. As for the second part, I'm from a place and time where people kept their medical pasts to themselves BUT when I first got out of the hospital I was very proud of my belly scar and would ask people, people I knew not strangers, if they wanted to see my scar so, I really can't talk too much about it can I?

I have 4 belly scars from Shunt operations. But my AVM is untreated as yet so nothing from that. I don't normally show my scars except to immediate family. But if I knew something positive would come from it I definitely would.


Now that you’re in SC, showing your belly scar and telling people it’s the result of a brain hemorrhage would definitely raise awareness and a few eyebrows… :wink:

"Badass badge"...I love it!!!! I may steal it!

My AVM is "inoperable" because of location and depth. I think the the shunt was only to relieve pressure after my stroke.

Yes same here. Mine is in my Cerebellum and attempting treatment would be risky. The AVM caused me to suffer from Hydrocephalus which is a secondary condition. Best wishes.

I'd have to shave my head and I've already been bald once, right after surgery so I don't know. My hair grows really fast and it is a pretty badass scar all the way around my head, so I might!

Probably not, simply because I tend to be a private person despite having chosen a career that puts me on stage in front of an audience. I wouldn't care to be the poster child for a medical condition, even if it were for a good cause.

"Baring my scar" would mean shaving my head. Been there, done that, was not a fantastic memory for me, and I'm not a big fan of needless humiliation.

Yes, I would…to show awareness…so for them to understand…I’m a survivor…and I’m proud of it…

Yes I am more than happy to show you pictures of my post op scar and my scar now 2 years on.
I don't have a lot of hair so was really worried of what I would look like post op as it would be obvious to all the World that I had Brain surgery and have to cope with all the negativity people that surrounds this.
I was mortified when I saw my scar after my op. I felt like Frankenstein's monster. It was from ear to ear. I wore a hat for ages, still do and have a large selection now, however the skin over my scar healed really well and I used all sorts of stuff to "even out" the scarring during the healing process.
Anti-scarring tape, moisturisers, Bio Oil was brilliant. High dose vitamin C.
The scar is still there, but really not that obvious. So quite happy with this.
Quite happy to give you "before and after" photo's

I have a scar on my forehead and into my hairline from my craniotomy to clip 2 aneurysms and some tiny scars left by the Gamma Knife halo (4 rounds of GK). Makeup covers the little halo scars. I typically wear my hair pulled back off my face, but most people don't notice my crani scar. I notice it more than other people do.