Worried sick

My mum has just been taken to a&e after experiencing vishion problems and extra weakness her avm was removed via craniotomy 5 months ago could it be anything to do with that?? I’m worried sick waiting for them to do scans etc. Anyone else had this?? Thanks tiff.

About 6 months after my craniotomy i exexperienced similar issues.
after scans andEEG they diagnosed it as a complex migraine/partial focal seizure.
they upped my seizure meds and told me to rest my brain for awhile.

Thanks mike, I was wondering about possible seizure. Anyway they have sent her home saying that they thank its because she has a water infection but have referred her to the tia clinic just incase, this blooming avm has ruined her life even after it’s gone. I’m just so grateful of this forum as verybody here understands as a lot of other people don’t. :pensive::pensive:

It’s been 6 years since my AVM rupture/removal and now and then I still experience left side weakness and vision problems & some assorted others. I’ve never had seizures, but since I still have a lot of dead brain tissue hanging out up there I’m at a higher risk so am on a LOT of anti seizure meds. So at these episodes - that’s the first thing they always check - that and for any new bleeds. It usually turns out to be stress, dehydration, overstimulation or something similar. Since my AVM has shown no signs of regrowth to this point and I’ve done well so far - my brain just throws tantrums now and then. I know it may not help all the time, but my family has gotten used to the flow of the docs checking on the big things and then realizing it’s one of the smaller ones, which it usually is. Hang in there! The brain is actually a pretty amazing and resilient organ. Blessings to you and yours!

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