Worn out

I’m sure I’m repeating myself, but would be comforting to know if others get worn out. I don’t know what’s exhausted me, except for day to day life, and planning a holiday, and coping with my familys concern over how I will manage a holiday without getting fatigued. Well, their concern over my fatigue, and ‘what the right thing to do would be’ and ‘maybe you should stay in a b&b where you will be able to rest’ has darn well EXHAUSTED me! I just want to be treated like a sort of normal person. So I have cancelled the holiday as I CAN’t COPE with their freaking out and worrying, and reminding me how mental I go when overtired - it has kind of sent me over the edge a bit.



Flower, I’m over 3 years sine my bleed and sugeries. I still get exhausted every day. One of my doctors explained it to me this way: when your brain is damaged, it has to work much harder to do even the simpliest of tasks. It may have to take alternate routes to get around any damaged tissue. It’s realy no wonder we get fatigued so easily. Still, it is difficult for others to understand. Rest when you need to. It’s important.

I have a non-brain AVM and I too get fatigued. I think dealing with a rare, misunderstood condition is tiring and besides, regular life stresses can wear you out at times. I’ve heard that some of the exhaustion can be due to the AVM shunting some blood away from the heart depending on where the AVM is located.

Hi flower,
I’m 14 mos. post-op of my 4th crani & fatigue has always been part of the post-op ‘dinner’ :wink: & daily naps are a necessity in my world. I often read a novel during my nap, but that ‘time out’ helps w/the fatigue.
Articles re: stroke pts. often reflect the challenges we face, so maybe this article can help your family understand better @
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