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Hi there it’s me again . So I’m going back to the gym tomorrow for the first time since my embolization in May . I have spoke with my trainer and he knows my situation. I have been working out at home but miss the gym atmosphere. Has anyone here worked out after embolization. This has always been a big part of my life . I’m going to give it a try . Any positive feedback would be great :blush:

I took a month off after mine, all I did was walk for that month. Then got back into lifting weights 3x a week. Its been 5 years-I am now in the best shape of my life. As long as the doctor clears you, go for it!!! I wish you the best of luck. Scott

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Thank you so much . My embolization was done in May and they got 98 percent of it . I have 2 small veins left that they are not overly concerned about. And I’m very excited to get back into lifting. I will start slowly and build my way back up .

Yeah, me - hi. Lol

So, they didn’t reach 100% obliteration?

Are “they” having you follow up? Or?

On the working out end of things. One, your trainer has zero knowledge, I darn near guarantee on what to do with a post Embolization client. . . I was a trainer, if someone asked me on what they should do before all of this happened to me - I’d send em to their MD

So in reality, it just depends on your case. Ask your neurosurgeon or team on what they recommend - I did

Me - I’m back in the gym hitting PR’s almost every workout. My head feels spot on - when I really load up the weights tho, I do get a throb like sensation where the embolization was done - not bad, no pain & it goes away fairly quickly.

My last workout was benching triple plates - I don’t know & have never heard of anyone else aside from myself being able to do anything even close to what I do post embolization or anything else related to an AVM.

I followed the instructions from BMI to a T(well, real close) - as soon as I was cleared I starting ramping up my weight - I never thought I’d be able to do what I’m doing now tho

I asked my Dr right after my last angio and he told me go back to working out when I was all healed.
I just got back from the gym I took it easy and watched my heart rate . I got dizzy a couple times coming from laying down to standing but I’m hungry also,
My trainer doesn’t know about avm but I wanted him to know about what I went through . I’m not sure if I’m going back or was a lot of aniexty and it sucks because I loved the gym and no it scares me . I have been working out at home since embolization but it’s different. I’m sitting here in tears because I’m so worried. And they want to do radiation on the last 2 percent and I’m not sold on that because of all the side effects. They told me it’s not urgent !!!


Take it easy - it sounds to me like you’re doing physically well < that’s a huge start

I’ll write in more when I have a min

Thank you yes physically I’m good lol


My Opinion - I’m no medical professional at all & you’re entitled to yours as we all are

Go get a 2nd opinion on their work - I’d avoid GK at all costs . . Barrow did me solid & really taught me so much about the the whole medical field. . . I asked them every possible question one of “us” can ask. Best current form of AVM solution is embolization(if possible). They were aiming for 97-98% obliteration. And, we’re ready to go for a 2nd one - unless complete obliteration was achieved on the first round & to be hopeful - but, realistic. They hit 100% on the first try - most of “us” aren’t that lucky - Dick is the other one on here, that got hit with 100% on the 1st try.

But, I’d take a 2nd embo over GK all day - my body took the Onyx quite well(considering)

Radiation seems to have longer term side effects in comparison to an Embolization & seem to be even worse.

It’s gonna be 15 months in a week since it was done & there are a lot of times where my head actually feels “normal” < how it did before my rupture

So, there’s that

As far as “you” now - relax, go to the gym & do whatever you feel comfortable with.

When I was a trainer, quite a bit of my clients were “older”. Same stuff I say to them - just keep going. Don’t stop, and work your way up.

With the whole not complete obliteration - even if you don’t get a 2nd opinion, see what your current neuro team really has to say.

Thank you they tried to get the last 2 veins with an embolization and couldn’t. I am looking into a second opinion. I loved my Dr but he said the last 2 veins were very small he tried to reach them and couldn’t. But the worst part is embolized the veins had small aneurysms and I never knew .
I was going to the gym and lifting so heavy and never knew it was there . I did not have a bleed I went to have an MRI for earring ringing and they found it . I always had headaches and now they are gone since the embolization.
But I do not want to have this GK I have read nothing but bad side effects from this. I would rather chance leaving the last 2 veins and having them checked every year . But I’m looking into Johns Hopkins for a second opinion because my DR wants me to have the GK. Thank you for all your help

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@mike_az_21 my understanding is that embolisation is only suitable for vessels that are big enough to admit the catheter: when you get to the smaller vessels, even if it’s the last 2% of an AVM, it probably needs to be gamma knife (or surgery) so it’s not always a choice.

Equally, sometimes embolisation can close off the avenues by which subsequent embolisations might be done. There are definitely folk here who might have had a 100% removal but embo no 1 blocked the way :man_facepalming:t3:

It’s amazing that you and I and a bunch of others we know have been treated using just an embolisation but it isn’t a panacea.

Lots of love to both,


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Yea and that’s me . The last 2 percent but like I said I am looking for a second opinion on the GK because I have read even on this page the side effects are not good .
I don’t want to love my life in pain with headstand dizziness. I would rather be checked to make sure I am ok with the last 2 percent. And my hope is the last 2 veins may die off it was only 3 months after my embolization that they checked me .

Hi Chloe. I hope you are feeling much better. I don’t want this to be negative feedback, I just want to tell you how exercising worked for me post procedures. In 2009 I had two days of hospitalization where they performed the embolizations back to back. I asked my doctor if I could return to exercising and was told yes. I am not an avid exerciser so I thought what I did would be okay. Eighteen months later I was back at UCSF for another embolization that lasted 8 hours. Since that time, I greatly limited my exercising, and I’m happy to say I have not had to return in 10 years!! I do NOT do cardio. I wear a Fitbit and constantly monitor my heartbeat. I have noticed a weakening of my muscles and have been encouraged to do some weight bearing and strengthening exercises. This has worked well for me. I hope you find what will work best for you. Once you do, life is good and much less stressful. Best of luck to you.

Thank you so much. I worked out before my embolization and my dr said that’s why I recovered so fast. And I appreciate your feedback it makes me feel much better . I still have only 2 percent left of my avm but I wear a monitor also and watch my heart rate . And I life weights not much cardio. But I always appreciate and love the feedback I get from you all.
Glad to hear you are doing great :blush:

How’s your BP? Standing throughout the day, or post workout?

Def makes sense - each case AVM/dAVF is different & same methods don’t apply. . . You don’t just pick a method of repair on what sounds best.

I suppose mine was/is more accessible - since, my neurosurgeon said that if they had to - they’d do as many embos as necessary to get it fully obliterated. . . I asked on the vessel sizes they were working in, he said 1mm - I said, wow. . . I seen this thing with my own eyes when I was getting my final angiogram - def a aight to see

Me & my lucky AVM. Lol - it’s really sad, but still kinda funny to me at the moment. Since in many ways(in life & mentally) I have improved in comparison to before this all happened.

Hi my Blood pressure is great . I’m wearing a heart monitor and not letting my heartbeat get above 150/160. I’m definitely not pushing myself like I used too. But I am looking into other
Methods besides GK.

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A BPM of 150 - 160?!

Are you serious?

That’s how different we are. . . Under full load during a workout I never see above 110-115

No my blood pressure is very low my heart rate is high when I lift but that’s lifting a lot. But don’t forget I haven’t done this in awhile. My BP is 115/60 or lower


I am the complete opposite, BP hovers over 135/75+

I never see my BP bellow 125/70

We are opposite. Even during my embolization my heart rate was 130 to 140 because I was so nervous but my BP was 96/60 average .
My heart rate is always a little high but my resting is in the 60s. So that’s why when I work out it’s 150 to 160. That’s why I worry but when I stop it drops down quite fast.

Hi, everyone is going to be different and depending on where your avm is. I worked out after with great benefits. Balance is better and less pain.

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