Working out and side effects of AVM afterwards?

Hi, i have just recently started to train with a trainer at the gym. Most days are ok and I do not have very many side effects other than taking it slow and walking slower after we are finished. My head usually feels fine and if I sit to reorganize me self for a few minutes afterwards everything is great. But if I push myself too hard my muscle coordination will decrease and movement will be challenging. Does anyone else have side effects from physical activity?

Hi Kelly
My Avm has taken it's toll on me. I can't do anything physical without suffering from tremors and light headedness from it. My advice to you is: learn you limits and don't push yourself beyond them. By the way, before I got ill. I use to work out 2-4 hours a day. That also helped me to discover that something was wrong with me or should I say - within me.. LOL
Since I don't know what you avm status is. I'm going to guess that you blood pressure and you pulse rate is getting to high for you body (brain) to handle it. And you body is reacting to that. You may want to try to walk it off longer than you have been. The best thing to do is ask your doctor about it. That's the safer way to go. On the other hand, if you are anything like me.. I just do it and ask questions later... LOL
Seriously - Play it safe, ask your dr. about it. You need to make sure it's safe and not life threatening for you to work out like that. It may not seem like much of a work out to you but, you body thinks it is (wink).


Thanks for the advice Ben. My AVM has been partially removed and the remaining parts have been clipped. I had surgery 11 yrs ago. I don’t think that I have very many side effects from the surgery - but I have never had anyone to talk to about AVM before. I strive to find different things to constantly improve myself and so far everything that I have done has helped in some way.

Hi Kellie - I'm really into physical fitness - I now have difficulty with balance so I just do floor-yoga and pilates stretches to keep up my muscle mass.

Regarding pushing it, I'd listen to your body if you have that ability...if it says stop, then stop...not giving up on it all together, but rest when you need to.

I was able to do 5 years of Karate, but found some limitations doing cardio. I just learned to avoid specific routines and was fine otherwise. I think you'll just have to keep experimenting with what you can do and what causes problems. Don't over do it. Go slow but keep moving and trying! I believe being active made my situation a lot better than just sitting and doing nothing. Good Luck!

Uh oh, Julie is hearing voices again. Shut up she is not she's just talking about listening to your body! Yes she is. She is not! Ok both of you be quiet! lol.

Seriously though Kellie the best thing is to talk to your doctor about workout safety for you. Each person is very different and your doctor probably knows best. Kinda like "Father Knows Best"...dang I think I just seriously dated myself. Hope you're feeling well. :)