Working Again, Six Months Post Operation

Having had my AVM, and major cerebral bleed and 8 hour operation to repair same all in January I was told that

I might well never get my driver’s license back or my

job back. I was taught to cook for myself so I would

not starve, but at this point I had not given up and

I thought that I already could cook well enough to

survive if I had to!

I went back to work part time after about 4 months and

at first everyone was very kind and supportive to me,

but my improvements were not quick. Some of my duties were well remembered by me and it was like I had never been gone, while other duties I had to totally relearn. My supervisor understood

that my memory was the worst thing and so they ordered

for me a couple large calendars. This worked good and

whenever I was asked to do something I put it down on

a calendar and when it was expected to be done and it

went pretty smoothly.

After six months I was brought back to full time and it

was a good thing because about this time all of my

"sick leave" was depleted. I had to stay working

for another 10 months to have enough time in to retire.

After about a year I was challenged by my supervisor and

friend because I was not as good at my job as I used to

be. It was probably true, but when they had the meeting

to force me out there were some that told how I

had helped them by going beyond the normal call of duty. They

decided to keep me and I was told that I may not be 100%

back to normal, but they would keep me on. I was surprised, and so I stayed on for another two years.

By then I got my driver’s license back also.

I still do some part time work, not where I used to work, and

this keeps me going. And my wife and my relatives and

dogs all help me keep going. And having a religion doesn’t

hurt a bit.

Hi John, I continue to commend you for posting these blogs. It's so helpful to learn about someone else's health journey. God bless you and it's great to read you continue to do some part-time work. Also, God bless your wife, relatives, dogs, and everyone that keeps you going.

Thank you, Susan. You are kind.
I told it like it was for me, but it is hard to take a three year period of my
life and sum it all up in a few sentences. It was complicated and difficult at
times and there was always never anything to say that I would not fall flat on my face in more ways than one. But in the end it all pretty much worked out.