Work-out plan

Hello all,I had a bleed in august 2009. This was my second one. The docs decided not to operate this time because of the location. I was completely paralyzed on th right side.It is because of God's grace that I regained mobility except for my foot/ankle. I walk with a afo. I still have some coordination problems but for the most part I can do most things. I am only in my 40's and I want to lose some weight that I have acquired the last 3 yrs.(smile) I was wondering if anyone had any info on how to find a trainer that is familar with post stroke survivors? I live in hampton roads virginia.All suggestions would be appreciated. Insurance for physical therapy has run out a long time ago,however recovery is a lifetime thing.


I am not sure if you have a small newspaper type, like a penny saver or the shopping bag, but maybe you could run an ad asking for a trainer that is familar with post stroke survivors? We have local newspaper style magazine that would not cost alot of money to place an ad. That is just a thought, I wish you well! I can fully relate to the insurance coverage run out statement!

Hi, It sounds like you worked hard. I don't live anywhere near you..I would check out the local hospital. If you're looking for a trainer, I would first ask your physical therapist. I'm sure they could recommend some. Goggle for professional training want a certified professional.
Good Luck.

Thanks to gail and lisa. I will take your suggestions.I'll keep you updated