Wonderful news!

hi everybody!! kevin and i are getting married on friday the 23 at the hospital chapel!! i’m so excited!! ginny

I wish you and Kevin a wonderful and healthy life togather …xoxoxo

Well that is exciting!!! I hope it is a wonderful little ceremony for you.

And will make things easier for you to take care of all of his “stuff” as the new wifey!

GREAT news Ginny!!! Congratulations and have a wonderful wedding. At last something “good” is happening. Let us know how it goes and for sure a photo!



Best wishes to you Ginny…and congratulations to Kevin !!!
You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Be good to you. Take care of you. I am so excited for both of you…together you bring each other joy in a situation that almost prohibits such a gifting and that speaks volumes of love…