Richie had grown a brand spankin new AV fistula to ring in the new year. A pretty large twisty turny one that the doc did not feel confident he could embolize and not able to gamma knife. He went into the hospital yesterday and after several hours the doc was about to give up, gave it one more shot, and presto knocked the sucker out. We have been so blessed to have met this doc and all of the medical team. They truly are skilled and genuinely care about him. His arteriogram had been perfectly clear after his crani, so needless to say we were surprised to say the least. This one was same sided but not anywhere near the old one. Has anyone else had this happen to them? It is my understanding that this is pretty rare in an adult and more common in children. I am hoping that this will be it, but Rich always seems to pull something out of his sleeve. They will repeat the arteriogram in April to see if he is behaving. If all goes well I will be picking him up today and we will celebrate his 50th birthday…what a gift! Love to you all Laurie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHIE …Glad to hear good news !

Thank God!!! EXCELLENT WORK!!! Cheers…I am happy dancing for both of you!!!

Great news! Give him our best…and a big Happy 50th Birthday!

Great News! And his super cool magician skills…I guess additional AVM’s aren’t exactly what you hope he can “make appear.” At least it seems like his skills in making things disappear are just as good!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful time celebrating his birthday!

Great news! Happy Birthday, Richie!

Excellents news Laurie, make a big fuss of Richie’s birthday if certainly is special!
Happy Birthday Richie SmileyCentral.com

what great news…so happy to hear that all the praying payed off…best wishes to you both

Thank you thank you thank you