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Wish me Health , 3rd Craniotomy

After surviving my second hematoma in cerebellum ( which they say is a miracle to survive with that size of blood) , I have received an embolization treatment which did not completely cure my AVM. following vigorious doctor visits we have come to the point of my 3rd craniotomy.( I had first 2 , 8 years ago during my first hematoma )

I will be in the operation room exactly one week from this moment , wish me luck and health and this time I will be hopefully cured completely ,

this is a great place to be , and shared hopes from far away freinds will give me the strenght I need ...

Wishing you the very best!

Hi banu. Thank you for posting this discussion and I wish you good luck and good health!

Wishing you a successful surgery and a fast recovery, banu! My hope is that you will be AVM Free!

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Wishing you fantastic luck and a speedy recovery!!

Sending you prayers & good wishes !!! :)