Ok what has happend since last time.
I have got a Handi, it´s a hand computer with a calender that i can program in things I need to remember like Medication, things to do with the kidz and shoppinglist and other things. I have only had it for a week but I hope it will help me remember things better.

I have had a new rehab meeting and we decided that I am going to try doing some kind of work practice. Because of my symptoms they don´t want me to start with my old job first insted I´m going to try something else like mabye computer or other. The purpus is to see if I can work and still have enough strengt to take care of my family and my self. This practis time is going to increse from 2 hours a day and up. If everything works out fine witch I hope. í can go back to my job.
I have feelt for a while that to become any better I have to do it my self. The training at the hospital is more maintaining the current status and i want to get better. But for doing that I have to start getting out and test my wings and let the brain lern the rest in the real world.I have to say that I´m a little scared. I don´t have mutch hop in coming back to my old job in the same form like before. But I hope that they can find a job that works for me.I can work but the question is with what and in what scale.
We are also waiting for the appointment to the neuro psychologist. They can do better test to see how serious my problems is.
The first snow has fallen and the world around me has turned white. I don´t like it!!

/ eagerly awaiting summer Good night from sweden