Willie s update

Thanks to the Lord & for all our brothers & sisters here that give me encouragement and pray for the accident that happened to me last three months. Were the Lord not with me, I could never survive to this day. Not long before, I came back to my home after returning to home from rehabilitation centre where I had completed for one month physiotherapy training.
Today I walk with rollator, the left leg had a really serious injury because of transplanting operation on the skin behind knee to the back femur.
in this condition where i am completely weakened (problems of motoric neural side, the effects of that accident) , the Lord has given me consolidation, that my avm reduced itself by fast 50%,praise the Lord.
I really am optimistic, that I ┬┤ll winn this fight against diseases, I will also remember u all in my prayer.

So sorry about the accident, but keep up your fighting, survivor spirit, Willie!
Take care & thanks for the update.

How are u now? That serious scars in my left leg is for me a sign of God s miracle.But what about your OP?

seguro que Dios esta en mi lado. I cant live without Him.How are you now?


God bless you brother and stay strong