i was at my doctor’s today and i was waiting in the waiting room and i told my mom that i was not feeling well and a cupple of minutes before i was called in i throwed up so they took in me so i can lay down so after i got in i sat in the bed and the nurse took my tamper so she asked me if she can do my weight and and to see how tall i am and i said yea so after i got weighted i throw up again so after i went back in the room and that doctor came in and she was talking to me so after i saw my doctor i got a lot worse so my mom waited an hour to see if it would go away and it didnt i was so much in pain with my head that it was hard for me to walk it was hard for me to talk so she called my doctor and my doctor told her to take me to the ER so my mom took me and i got right in so after they got me in and i had two doctors working on me and one of them have already set up for me to get a CT scan so after i had the CT scan they put me back in the room i was in and an hour later they gave me some meds to help the avm feel better and they had to give me 3 different pain meds to take the pain away so after they gave me the meds i went to sleep for a little bit and then before i know it i was able to go back home but the CT scan came out good and i was really happy to hear that.

the CT scan is really good at finding any urgent bleeding. So, the outcome sounds like the best. The headaches? I’m on Firocet so you might ask about it to help. Cold compresses help. Any migraine triggers aren’t good for me.

Firocet or others can be set up as a maintenance drug. That means you don’t have to wait for the pain before you take it, you take smaller doses all the time…something to consider. A lot of doctors are afraid of pain management, some are willing to try anything. Ask, ask, ask. Demand. Its your head not theirs.


today was really scary tho

i bet it was scary…thank God its over and the CT results are good…just rest up and take it easy…did the doc say anything about the siezures you had the other day?..is he icreasing your meds or checking your levels…rest up and take it easy…a big hug to ya xxx

aww thank you that is sweet yea he is going to increase my meds and i am resting good.


That must have been really scaried! When things like that used to happen to me and I would go to the hospital, I was a mess! Hang in there!

yea it was pretty scary and im hanging in here as much as i can i have been resting alot but i dont think its helping that well.

Hi Celina,

Sorry all of that happened to you but that your CT scan was OK. Take care,


thank you. u take care to.