Sadie will be devastated when she learns almost half of her hair will be gone. Any suggestions for helping her with this? Any good sites to buy wigs from? Any other tips? Looking into hair extensions once it's grown in enough. Thank you all!!!

I only lost a strip of hair for my anuerysm clipping surgery, but it was in the middle of the summer & I didn't want my scalp or scar sunburned while my hair grew back (and didn't want all of the kids at school staring at it--I teach 9th graders).

I wore scarves & caps for about 3 months.

A teacher I work with lost her hair to chemo & she gave me the website where she ordered some of her scarves & caps:


I have this one in cream floral:

I also have one of the scarf turbans:

The rest of my hair was still long, so I wore either one or two braids with a scarf or cap & it hid the incision & the shaved area. People who didn't know any different just thought it was a fashion statement.

I had embolization and terrible hairloss after. I suggest that you go to a special hairsalon for the wigs. When you buy from the internet you can't see how it looks like before you buy it, and you can't always return it. In a salon your head is measured so you'll always get a wig that FITS! I've been to a salon last week, hope to see the wigs this week. And I am free to decide if I want a wig after I've seen them. It is a really hard subject.. but the hair looks so good these days! It's better than walking around with bald spots on your own head.
I want to shave off my hair anyways so it will grow back healthy and even.
I live in Holland, and I have to pay about half of the price for a wig (because of my insurance). I don't know how this works in America (is that where you come from?)
To me: the price of the wigs is the only disadvantage.

Good luck with everything. If I choose to have a wig I will post a photo on my profile!

Greetings Melissa

I don't have any tips on wig places, but please assure Sadie that her hair will grow back.

Instead of shaving half of my head, they shaved the whole thing. Even though this was a traumatic experience in itself (and a fabulous look to boot), it grew back and now I have it longer vs. short hair now.

When I had my 1st surgery in 1988 (back in the days when they shaved your entire head!:0) I wore a wig whenever out and about. The wig was scratchy & made my scalp sweat, so if I had to do it over again, I would wear bandanas or colorful scarves. :)
Fortunately our hair does grow back & it's possible Sadie may discover a new 'do' that she'll like while her hair grows out. :)
Best wishes,

I know it's no comfort right now but I have to agree with both Patti and Julie. Hair does grow back (but I'm sure you know this). :) Other then stylish turbans or scarves as was mentioned here... even a website was posted I think, you might want to continually remind her of this. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Hi Tawnya...My daughter tryed a hair extension and she said it really hurt even though she didn't have a brain surgery....You could try getting a really cool wig for her but I looked up cool hats (which is what I wore after my surgery) and found this: I know it is for younger girls, but perhaps you can find some that Sadie likes at Zappos.


Sadie is in my thoughts and prayers!

I wouldn't recommended hairextensions. As Louisa said: it could be painfull because of the weight of the extensions (especially after asurgery). And I asked my hairdresser about extensions ans she said that extensions are very bad for the condition of the hair.

And I also think that they might fall out because they are attached to the real hair. Once the real hair falls out, the extensions will fall out and it's a dissapointmend + a waste of money.

Good luck with it!

I had half my head shaved a year and a half ago, and it grew back pretty fast - about 9 months. I took vitamins, including a good dosage of BIOTIN, which is good for hair, skin and nails. I also used shampoo for thinning hair. The fun part was that it grew back wavy and thicker, even though I always had thin straight hair. Extensions and wigs can be heavy or might cause some pain or discomfort. I used scarves, cut the other side shorter, and bought some really cute hats. it comes back really fast, I promise.

The hair loss is a scary thing especially when it seems it will not stop falling out. But, it will & it will grow back in although sometimes a different color or texture. My daughter has an abundance of hair so we have been able to disguise it fairly well. One solution is a product called Fullmore made by Spencer Forrest, Inc. out of CT. They do have a website & it can be ordered online. Another alternative for children up to the age of 21 is an charitable organization that donates whatever type of hairpiece that is needed yearly. It is called Childrenwithhairloss.us. They also have a website that you can go on to to apply.