Shaved everything off, this is my wig

You look great, Melissa!!!

That is so cool!

Thank you all :) I am happy with it, but I have to get used to wearing a wig. And it itches!!

Wow, I am jealous. Why do you think I wear my hat? It looks even worse since surgery that I am now doing the "comb-over."

Don't be jealous George, this thing hurts!! When I am at home I don't even wear it. Me, and my family actually think I rock this bald-look. But I won't go out of the house without my wig, it looks amazing! How do you feel George?

That's the prettiest wig I've ever seen. You look gorgeous!

How do I feel? Typical of all of us - good days and bad but more good than bad. Thanks for asking.
Also, I am looking forward to my next appointment with my neurosurgeon in January. We are going to begin the conversation about weaning me off my seizure meds. That's a good thing.

Hey Melissa,
After my 1st surgery in 88 (when they completely shaved your head!), I loved my hair 1 - 2 inches long & wore it that way for several yrs. Enjoy your new look - you look great! :)

Wow...Melissa,,,you look gorgeous! I would NEVER know that was a wig! I wish I could make my hair look like that!

That IS good news George, I am glad to hear good news from you. Let me know when you talked to your surgeon. I totally now what you mean with: the good and the bad days.

Thanks everyone for the kind messages. The wig looks great, I get positive reactions. I would recommended it to everyone who has hair-problems, or problems with being bald. I don't know how these things go in America or other countries. I went to a special hairshop. They measured my head and ordered six wigs in my own haircolour. I had the change to fit them and choose.

Greetings and hugs to you all.