Wig Free!

I have exchanged the photo of me in a wig to one of me with my hair! Hooray, my hair is back! I like the short hair so much I plan to keep it this way.

VERY cute, Beth and a beautiful smile too!!

I was so excited to get my hair back too! I also kept my hair short and I love it. After being bald for several months, I don’t stress bad-hair days, EVER!

Joy and Trish, thanks for your kind comments. Trish, I am spending too much time enjoying my hair to stress about bad hair days, too. But, I also know that I am just as okay when bald. (It was even a strangely “freeing” experience when it fell out.) My hair is not me, but it is very nice to have it back!


Bald is beautiful, too, but that may be a guy thing.

Yes, it probably is a “guy thing”, Brian, because in my experience, bald guys are the best! BTW, I love the Churchill quote on your page.

Thanks for your support, Jenny!!!

Thank you!