Wife is in Hospice Inpatient Center

My wife, Jessie, is in hospice inpatient center. She has many VMs through
body,but the AVM on her heart is the one that is very life threatening.
She is struggling with high cardiac output failure and congestive heart
failure. She is keeping her faith and still trying to make more people
aware of what we all have to go through on a daily basis due to AVMs!
We are having a benefit for her in the begining of September to help
pay medical needs, funeral costs, and other financial burdens due to
this. If you would like to send a card of encouragement or a free will
donation please send them to Defiance Area Inpatient Hospice
Center/Jessie Fortman 6817 St Rt 66 N Defiance, Ohio, 43512. She thanks
everybody for all the support given to her since she found this site,
it helped her to keep from feeling lonely! Thank You! God Bless!
Prayers for all for a guaranteed cure and awareness world wide!~The
Fortman Family

Our hearts and thoughts are with you along with knowledge and great compassion from both sides.