Wife and mother of two under two

my wife denise was rushed to harborview med center in seattle on may 5 2009. they tried to embolize it on may 15 and 5 % nof it is still bleeding. may 21 2009 they are going to perform surgery on her to remove all of it. both of our families are helping with the kids and our house. i saw this website and figured if nothing else it would be good for me to get her started on her recovery now. could you please say a prayer for her to get better and return to her family that dearly misses her?

Best wishes to you and your wife. Good luck with the surgery and please update and let us know how she is doing. Lots of good advice on this site. Any of us will help in any way possible.

we are all here to help or just listen. we have all been there. my prayers are with you, and your family. god bless