Why is everyone out there so XXXXXXX normal?

Where are all the real people? You know the ones who've been through stuff.
I went out the other night and everyone was just normal, married with kids and a job,

Am I the only one who gets xxxxx off by this?
How come they are normal? What's going on?

Hi Flower,

To me - It all depends on what your defintion of "normal" is. I believe that everyone has been through some kind of 'stuff'. Many times (not all of the time) it depends on a person's age. Meaning the older we get the more stuff we've been through. Each individual person has their own definition of what normal is. I believe an individuals perception of 'normal' changes as the years go by.

To answer the first part of you question:/ I like to think that they are all around us and we simple just don't realise it. I don't know what the person who lives down the street from me has been through in his/her life or what their health status is. My mother is a diabetic (2 shots a day)but, you can't tell that just by looking at her.

Your 2nd question:/ Does it bother me? No. It doesn't. I'm happy for those who seem to have a good life. I do however get upset with myself, that I can no longer do the things I use to be able to do.

I could go on and on but, then I would be writing a book of my own opinions. LOL


There are plenty of real people out there Flower who also have real problems, (medical, family, relationships, work, etc). I had an AVM of my tongue for 43 years of my life and nobody knew I had a medical problem and even I didn't know how severe it was until shortly before my operation. There are many times we don't know what's going on with other people, regardless of what the situation appears to be. It doesn't bother me that people appear to "have it all," as I am more concerned with myself and and those close to me. The weird thing about having had an AVM, is it has made me thankful for what i do have in my life. I'm sure you are thankful for quite a bit too. And that's what its about:-) Hang in there Flower.

Great post, you made my day! And.....I'm not normal and I like it that way. Remember, people project what they think others think is normal. We are all trying to be accepted/loved and the only control we have is picking who we keep in our lives. Just my opinion. (and then there are the "Pod People", lol)

I find comparing my self to others counter-productive. For one thing we never know what goes on behind closed doors. As I have gotten older I find that everyone is fighting some kind of a battle. As always I am sending positive thoughts your way!