Whoosing sound on the other side now

When I was first diagnosed with my AVM I had been having the "whoosing" sound on the same side as my AVM, the left side. However, I have noticed that since my treatment, the sound is no longer on the left side but is on the right. Especially noticable when laying down or when I first get up. Goes away but is concerning to me because I don't know what that could mean. Has anyone else had this happen?

Is the whoosing sound in your ears?

I have and my Dr said the avm hadn’t moved it’s just that the different sound, he guesses because he doesn’t hear it, is the sound of other veins that were smaller but are now getting bigger due to the embolisms. Talk to your Dr about it. Much love good luck

Talk to your doctor about it. I had a whooshing sound that was caused by spinal fluid being trapped by the scar tissue caused by my bleed. This went away after radio surgery shrank my avm and the scar tissue. Don't know if your AVM is/was near your brain stem/spinal column like mine.....

I always have floures ent lite bulbs buzz soumds most times louder than I expected. Will ck witj
h my neuro next time I get botox injections for migraines. They really work. E cept I hear the syringe liquid squirting in. Sounds strange.


It is in my left frontal lobe.

Yes. I have had 2 embolizations and 2 LINAC radiation treatments so far. I go back on May 21st for another MRI. They won't do another angiogram until August 2015.

Mine was also causing hydrocephalus symptoms (dizziness/weakness) and vision problems as the fluid was affecting my optic nerve. The long term fix was my radio surgery treatment but my short-term was quiting smoking as this reduced the pressure.

I don't have a 'whoosing' sound but I experience hearing my blood circulation withnin my head. It has been getting louder over time though. Is this similar?

I believe that is the same thing. I never knew what it was since I had always had it until I found out that I had an AVM.

I also have 2 ruptured discs in my neck. I used to only have issues with my left side of my neck, shoulder/left arm. But here lately I have noticed that the nerve type pain is on the right side and if I try to press my head over to the side to "make" it hurt I get lightheaded. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not or if my discs have herniated on the right side of my neck now. Who knows? I will definantly let them know when I have my follow up visit in May.

The whooshing sound is a "bruit", the medical term and sounds like water rushing rhytmnically through too narrow a pipe. It doesn't sound like a pulse sound like you hear in your ears at times.

I to experience this sound which started lightly in the beginning and over a 2 year period it was extremely loud especially at night when I was preparing for sleep. It worried me and when I sought medical assistance I received the news. Today, eight years later after many surgeries, I have adjusted to my new life style and I look forward to years ahead. Good luck to you and even though I don’t know you I will pray for you. Hang in there…you’ll adjust and you will do well and be happy. God bless…