When they can no longer embolize?

My son just turned one on the 17th of this month . He was scheduled for his 6th brain embolizationon the 15th.The introvenial radiologist tried for over and hour and a half and he couldn’t get access with the catheter every time he got in he would hit a blockage and couldn’t get up to his brain . He had a cat-scan and we are still waiting on results from that to see if there just scared down from previous surgeries or if it’s blood clots. Not sure what they will do for blood clots because he can not have blood thinner due to the how large his avm is. It is not an option for gamma knife radiation he is to young. They can not surgically remove it either when I recently talked to the surgeon she said that AVMS are scaleable and range between a 1 and 5 … If she had to scale my sons his would be like a 15 even now after all the embolizations. Not only that but the veins are 20x the size they should be bigger than even and adults … If they can’t get access for embolizations they just have to wait around and hope the avm behaves itself this kind of makes me nervous…

Wow! :(.... I don't have an answer for you but, will say a prayer for your son and everyone involved. Believe in miracles - they do happen. :)