When she can wake up from a Coma?

Hi, here some latest update! My 18 year old cousin in a Coma for almost 10 months now. She has discharged from Intensive Care Unit after six months. She is still in Coma, seems sleeping even eyes open sometimes. Spontaneous responses to physical touches, speeches and smells.
I need to know if anyone here had similar situations and walking up from a Coma. To recall, she had AVM diagnosis at Cerebral after first stroke, no operations done and booked for an appointment to see Surgens to perform angia but they did not, afterwards she went into a Coma and 4-5 shunts replaced throughout being at ICU in 6 months. How long it will take to come out from Coma?

I don’t know if I can answer your question, Ayshen. What I do know is that she’s fortunate to have a caring, loving cousin like you. Please keep us in the loop, and I’ll be sure to keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

If you use the search box at the upper right, ayshen, you can find other stories of members who were in comas and then recovered. Everyone is different, so no predictions, but it might help to read some of those stories.

Hi Ayshen, I also cannot answer your question, Sorry. One thing to keep in mind is that "small miracles" happen all over the world each day ! stay positive and keep hope in your heart !. I did do a search in google for "long term coma patient wakes up" and the hits I seen were inspirational :) , So from my side and limited experience I would always just say that there's always a chance and hope. Take care