When Life Feels Balanced

I recently read here AVM Surivior about a couple. Their life in February was turn upside down from his wife had a Cerebral Avm. As Mark and I lay on the bed, we do this at times just to enjoy quit time together. I told him of this couple. it really got my attention as Mark had a Cerebral Avm 3 as a matter a fact. his was caused by birth defect.

I asked him when did you feel that your life had come to a balance. He said. " when I met you." that was not true but a good answer. He said it took about 3-5 years to feel that things were leveling out. He went on to say that he was strong willed in the beginning trying to hang with his partying buddies, set backs with seizures and workouts to hard.

Once he submitted to changing his life style is when things would flow a little bit easier. he still lived with his parents when all this came about. I was not in the picture at that time. Mark recalls that his mom had given him a book to read. http://http://www.amazon.com/Norman-Vincent-Peale-Enthusiasm-Difference/dp/0517084724/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1307197213&sr=1-3-fkmr0 He said that reading this book helped him a great deal. he said at first it was hard to read do to the 50% blindness in both right side of his eyes. so he made it a goal to read it while in bed for this night.

he could only read a half of a page in the beginning. he read the half a page each night until he was able to read the rest of the page when he was able to read that full page he went to the next page until he finished it. He said it was hard but he did it. he was glad that he pushed to read the book. It helped him to have a different outlook in the way he thought. If you are not able to read it have someone read it to you or look into about audio.

It was 31 years in May since his avm. Was it hard in the beginning yes. was there a lot of days of frustration, anger, depression, and crying? yes. But with the love, patience, and understanding of his mother he got through it. when he knew he had to change his life and the way he did things and started submitting to his dr's. following a schedule the ball started rolling.

For the past three years mark's life consists of keeping fit which is going to the Valley Health Gym everyday working out and swimming 1/2 mile to a mile depending on how he feels. helping his dad which is 90 years old. volunteers visiting with elderly at nursing homes at times. Mark worked at GE for 30 some years before he had to hang it up.

Mark and I have recently added spending time with family and friends that live a life of the same values and life style as we do. We have to.

So no matter where you are in this journey know that there is light at the end of this tunnel. stay focus on each day will get you closer to a some what normal life that you will at one point have. know that it will not happen over night. Making positive changes in your life style will enhance it sooner.

Mark and I enjoy our life along with our son with God guiding us through the journey until the time we meet him in the clouds.

Love and God Bless

Mark and Tina

wow, how refreshing and inspiring.....

i am so happy that you are at a great time in your lives,

may everyday be brighter and brighter.

I sure enjoyed reading this and so much feel the same way as you and Mark, our lives have changed since Steve's AVM and it is so much for the better! Thanks for posting!


Marie & Steve

I'm happy for you guys, and your story is what I needed to read.