When is this over

…Last night I lost my speech AGAIN!!! for about 20 minutes I could hardley say anyting. Tried to talk to my family to say good night but it was almost impossible. I called for the nurse and she just seemed happy that a part of my speech returned… I talked to the nurse this morning and she hadn´t heard anything about this. So I told her the story again and she contacted the doctor. He had all kinds of idees of what the problem was but no one seems to have a resolution. I don´t care any more what´s wrong!! just take this f thing out of my head and make me well before anything worse happens!!! I miss my kids so mutch. Talked a long time to them tonight. They start school tomorrow. and they are really happy to start again. I and they wished that I could be there. Soon I´m going to be well and I´ll be home hugging them again. My oldest was sad on the phone. I heard that he tried to hide it from me. I wish I could be there for him and tell him that all is gonna be ok. I know his father is taking good care of them and hugging them from me. And I know thay have enormus support from other family and friends. I can´t thank you all enough for youre caring and loving towards me and my family. Thank you and we´ll get through this together. Love you all and miss you so bad!!