When i was in hospital

my surgery was 19th of april 2007.

When i was in hospital the day before i had the surgery i was so scared, when the next day came i was sitting in my bed with mum and dad beside me, and i was waiting to go in to the operating room, then the surgeon came round and said come on its your turn now, so i walked down with mum and dad and the surgeon down to the operating room, i was shaking like mad, When i got there i had to lay on a bed and mum held my hand and gave me a kiss and said good night hunni see you when you wake up and the same with dad, They fell me asleep after mum and dad said night night and see you when you wake up, i was crying my eyes out before i got fell asleep.

When i woke up i couldent move or anything i was so weak down my left side, i remember my mum and dad standing there when i woke up and my little sister and my nan there aswell, i cant remember anything else that day tho.

A couple of weeks went by and i tried to start eating again i had a tuna mayo sandwich i had about 2 bites and i couldent eat anymore, then i was sick after, so the nurse had to change my bed covers and pillow cases.

Another couple of weeks went by and the physios came round to see me and they kept trying to help me to start using my arm again, then another couple of weeks went by and i could sit up on the edge of my bed but i couldent stand up yet, but getting there slowly but surely, then another couple of weeks went by and i could stand up beside my bed but very very wobbly and i was very ditzy, my mum was there at the time and she nearly started crying, dads wernt there because he had to go home and get something cant remember what it was.

Then soon i could go down on to a different ward cant remember which one it was, i went down on my bed when i was down on that ward, a couple of weeks after i started taking little baby steps, and my mum and dad were so pleased with me they couldent believe their eyes when they seen me walking.

And sometime in July i finnaly came out of hospital i was so pleased to go home, when i steped in the door i felt very pleased and i could smell the air of home.

x x x x x

you have done so well you should be very proud of yourself you will continue to get better for years xxx