When can I start drinking alcohol after AVM surgery

Hi, so i plan to go to a party in two weeks but i’m not sure when i can start drinking alcohol again. I had my surgery in late July so it’s been around three months since i’ve gotten my surgery.


I’d say ask your neuro team - I asked mine at a month post embolization - and, to my surprise they said it’s not a prob

Fran, I agree with Mike, never a bad thing to ask your neuro. Take Care, John

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never heard it that you couldnt have alcohol at any stage (within obvious limits of course).

I think the times when we should avoid alcohol are when we have an untreated AVM, as the alcohol puts the blood pressure up, so you run an increased risk of a rupture. I assume that once an AVM has been fully removed/embolised/zapped out of existence, it is safe to eat and drink as other people do but how complete @fran’s treatment is and at what point to resume normal life do sound like things to validate with the neurosurgeon.

I was advised by a triage doctor or nurse in A&E to cut out coffee, smoking, chocolate, alcohol while I was waiting for treatment.

People will all have different history from this forum, but just ask your doctor. ie person will have other issues outside of the AVM also, could be other factors that may not be applicable. Do not trust info here unless they are a qualifed medic (im not a doc!)