What's the best thing you've done for yourself lately?

Is there something special you did to treat yourself or make yourself feel better? We'd love to hear about it.

New fishing rod. I had an aneurysm because of my AVM about a year ago and it really impacted my fishing last year. Ready to make up for lost time in '13!

With assistance from people on this site (Scott Orn & Debra Bein), planning to do a mini-AVM Walk in SanFran, and to meet up with some awesome Survivors in Anaheim.
All this in March, while on honeymoon. Woohoo!!!

This is what Scott sent me - we just have to work out which day we will do this - hoping Angela and her hubby can make it, once decided:
If you go to Google Maps and plug this address in, you will see about where the walk begins. Then you can just walk straight towards the Golden Gate Bridge and back. That's the walk. Great idea!
1199 East Beach
San Francisco, CA 94129

Debra (who started the Southern California subgroup) has organised a few survivors to meet up with us, for dinner on 25th March, 5:30p.m. onwards. Thinking of the Rainforest Cafe or perhaps the Denny's in Anaheim. Definitely in the general area of Downtown Disney, for sure - No matter what ... you can never take Disneyland out of the kid!!!

I went on a holiday with my wife...just me and her for a week after New Year...God bless

I take vitamins daily, try to eat somewhat healthy, daily Yoga exercises, try to journal daily, read something positive and/or funny, and other things to take care of myself. I try to make it a daily morning routine.

Here in the north east, we've had so much snow and our roads are a wreack. So the only thing I did was have my car washed. Borrrrrrrrring!

Yay Tony! That's great! If I could afford the airfare I'd be there too.

This past weekend my husband and I finally went to the jewelry store and picked out a replacement diamond for my engagement ring. I'd lost it about a year ago and I was heartbroken. I hated to spend the money but my husband insisted I am worth it. Go figure! :)

Chocolate... always works ;)

Awwww... how sweet. :::: munch munch :::: Of course you're worth it!

And Suzy is spot on Trish. But then again, I'm biased - cos i think all you moderators are awesome!
You guys are THE BEST THING that has happened to me.

Awww... ((( Tony ))) ok, group hug...lol

Well a guy would say that...((( Jim ))). I still would rather have chocolate if I had to choose. Luckily, I don't. So both it is! ;)

Well I had a beautiful baby boy, and I had an AVM in my brain while I was pregnant, and the doctors said that they were going to take him out and he wouldn’t have survived. So for me everyday is a blessing, I get to see my beautifulan grow up, going through that and child birth (even though I had a cesearean) was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I hope that is the hardest thing I ever have to go through!! So today I’m going to enjoy my man and my boy as I do everyday and I hope everybody else has a great day too :slight_smile:

I like to get a massage. I find it helps with the stress/anxiety. It also helps with the headaches. They can be pricey, but trying going to a local massage therapy school. Sometimes this can be a great deal!