What would you do to comfort a sick friend?

Amen to that =)

That reminds me - one of my favorite gifts which was also functional - bonus - was a butterfly quilt that a dance student gave me.

Big fan of the care package, too; which should, in fact, some type of dark chocolate =)

Love the footrubs and pedi. ideas - I was lucky to have received these plus with my legs shaved, too...awesome! Also, another great gift was funny movies and music CDs.

And my family appreciated the prepared meals and fruit arrangement.

Also, I was looking at some old pix: maybe paint supplies...an artist friend of mine painted with me...especially helpful and therapeutic since I could barely talk - if I could at all, at that time.

the best thing i was given when in hospital was a giant hippo from my husband, it ment i could tell which bed in the hospital was mine when i forgot, gave me something to cuddle when i was feeling alone after visiting hours and gave me something non judgmental that I could tell anything to, I don't think my post is quite what you were asking for but it is the best thing i ever had

A few years ago, a fellow AVMer gave me a special gift that I treasure, and now a few of us exchange these gifts - we send each other postcards from our side of the planet. Its great receiving a postcard from another AVMer, but its also therapeutic to write a little something to send off to another survivor

Hi Armando,
I would offer to do laundry, a little house cleaning & prepare a simple meal to have waiting in the fridge.

i hear you, chum!

Hi, Eileen! I was meaning to compile the responses and have an e-book for Ben's Friends (I work for BF). I never got to doing it!