What to take in case of a heart attack

Hi my name is Alisha and I had my AVM hemorrhage back in 2002 when I was 24. The AVM caused me to have a hemorrhagic stroke as well. I also have Von Willebrands disease type 1, which means my blood does not clot because I am missing clotting factors in my blood so my blood is naturally thin, like water. I am also allergic to aspirin. Lately I’ve been having chest pain and left arm numbness. I was wondering IF I suspect that I am having a heart attack or stroke what if anything should I take instead of aspirin?


I’d strongly suggest contacting a physician - fairly quickly

I have taken aspirin & ibuprofen a handful of times post my embolization. But, I remember my neuro team recommending not to take either due to their blood thinning properties

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I was planning on calling the doctor ASAP, I was just wanting a few opinions before I call. Thank you!

Hey Alisha,
I STRONGLY agree with mike

Here on Ben’s we’re all patients and although many of us are aware of our own primary conditions, when it comes to members with more complex needs and multiple conditions to manage, we HIGHLY recommend ongoing medical consultation with the relevant specialists. Some conditions need to be managed as the primary condition, but this needs to be assessed for each individual patient, with an entire medical history taken into consideration.

So, I’ll just say it again “I’d strongly suggest contacting a physician - fairly quickly”

Merl from the Modsupport Team


I did say I was going to call my doctor I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions.

Hi Alisha! Generally speaking, nobody can give you medical advice except your doctor. Members can and do share their experiences, but this is definitely a situation that it’s best if no one gives you suggestions. You have a very specific combination of medical conditions.

Sharon from ModSupport

I think you are missing what exactly I was asking but never mind. I will delete my question. I didn’t mean to start this much trouble. But this is why I never ask advice from any of my platforms.

It’s no trouble at all!

We truly just don’t know

Like all the professional medical folk say - it’s above my pay grade

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I understand, I was just looking for opinions. No harm, no foul.

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