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What to expect


Last May I had radiosurgery on my AVM located near my occipital lobe. This was after 2 embolizations. I know it can take years for the AVM to close off completely but can anyone tell me if they knew when it was closed? Were you able to tell or did you have to wait for the doctors to want to do some testing?


I’m 27 months out from gamma knife and awaiting the results of an angio a week ago. I have actually noticed my pulsatile tinnitus increase several months ago, was hoping it would disappear. That is the only thing I really noticed, and it may be de to some eustachian tube issues I’ve had. Other than that, I have no idea if its there or not but should find out soon! Take Care, John


Good luck. I hate the not knowing. I just assume if I’m still getting migraines everyday and have the ringing in my ears that its still there. I hope you get good news. Im suppose to have an angiogram in May so maybe then I’ll find out where we are at with it.


Yes the not knowing and waiting is difficult for sure. I’m trying to be patient on the result as we are now about day 9, depending when you start counting! I was told 10 to 14 days. We didn’t even talk about angio for me until two years had expired, so knowing where you stand in May will be great. Take Care, John.