What should I do?

I had my embolization surgery on July 18. Last week I had the MRI of the brain done and my doctor told me everything looks good. Even though I should be happy hearing this…I am still concerned because I have the same symptoms I had prior to being diagnosed. Quality of my life right now is not very good. I get home from work and literally want to cry. My headaches, the pressure, the noise in my head are always there! my doctor told me to set up an appointment with a neurologist son he can prescribe me some pain killers…I am sorry but I do not want to live like that …should I go get a second opinion???
I should also add I am dealing with nerve damage to my left vocal chord from the surgery which has left me with no ability to raise my voice on top of difficulties with swallowing food and talking. 80 percent of my job is talking to a group of people as well as constant phone conversations …I simply cannot do my job now to the best of my abilities and I am afraid I might end up losing my job…can anyone please advise me on what you would do in this situation???

I think a second opinion is warranted if you are no longer improving. A pain specialist might have other strategies to help with the pain besides pills, so it is worth seeing one. You are still healing, too, as July was not so long ago, so things may get better on their own. I hope they will!

It never hurts to get a second opinion. However, remember that you are only 2 months out in your recovery from the surgery. It terms of recovery…not that long. I know…it seems like forever.

Be patient, it's still recent. You might look into temporary disability until you feel better. And do see a neurologist. Mine has helped me deal with the migraines, vertifo and emotional ups and downs, sometimes with drugs, sometimes with a change of diet, exercises and less stress.

Yes! You should get a second opinion! Listen to your gut! Hope pain pills help. God Bless you!