What seizure drugs work best?

Mom has had both dilantin and Keppra. I believe she is having mood swings from her keppra(is the one she is on now)… Can anyone give me suggestions of others and there side effects?

Jamie, you can join our seizure group and take a look through past discussions. Just click on "Groups" at the top of the page to find it. How people react to the drugs is an individual thing. One person's experience isn't necessarily like another's.

I think it really varies too much person to person to say which ones are the “best” per se. You have to find the one that’s best for you and it’s not always what’s best for other people…

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I genuinely want to know what side effects people have experienced and which worked best for them and why. At least then I have a more first hand experience to go on instead of what I can read in a book.

I’ve been on Keppra, Trileptol, and Lamictal. Keppra the only side effect has been decreased appetite, Trileptol was sleepiness, Lamictal was memory problems.

There are many different types of anti-seizure drugs. Each person seems to react differently to them. Luckily it is not like the 50s when my mom was a nurse. She told me the only thing available back then was phenobarbital. Phenobarbital was widely used as a sleeping pill at one point.

Can memory problems arise from keppra?

I don’t know. It’s not listed as a side effect, but I haven’t really been tested on my memory yet on this drug…

Barb, And Viagra was used as an antihypertensive, what's your point? That is atleast the second time you have talked about phenobarb like it is some carcinogen that only the worst of the worst should take. I was fortunate that my pediatric neurologist thought outside the box and put me on it way back when....because it works! Wouldn't you rather trust a drug that's been around for 100yrs if you can tolerate the side effects?! I have 27 years of the drug under my belt and have managed quite well, thank you very much. Sure, I joke and call it a horse tranquilizer, but I have coped and handled the side effects for a long time. I did not require extra time in school or need any special arrangements because of my avm or phenobarbital. Sorry, for the vent. GK

I know several people on here who take it. But isn’t it nice that there more choices available now? I am thrilled it works for you. I just remember my mom saying that many patients could not tolerate it at all and there was nothing else to give them. That must have been awful.