What more can I do?

When I woke up this morning I was so sure today was going to be a good day. I was in a positive frame of mind, I was getting an answer from a neurosurgeon, any neurosurgeon, then I was going to work on my school papers, and I had gotten alittle extra sleep, so I was feeling ok.
I started early, and time and time again I got to hear, ‘we dont take healthcare usa’ even though they had previously told me they did OR the website for my insurance company told me they did. I called the one who already had my records and was once again told ‘the doctor will review it and if he thinks its urgent enough you’ll be called in two weeks with an appointment’ Well its already BEEN two weeks, and my symptoms have gotten worse since my neurologist visit, which was now a MONTH ago!!! (though I have had the AVM symptoms for four years as it was previously misdiagnosed as a venous angioma)

By the five or sixth time (i honestly lost count) that I tried a place that my insurance company said they covered that when i called said they didnt take my insurance, I gave up on St. Louis altogether and switched to Kansas City. First guy I called, BAM! See?? It doesn’t have to be this hard! So I got all excited, I finally had a doc, now the easy part, just call my neurologist, have them fax over my info. My docs office, who have been so rude to me before I have called his OTHER office bawling my eyes out and they have called back and apologized, now tells me that ‘they cant just go faxing my records everywhere, I need to call this place back and have them fax over something promising they will see me, THEN they will fax my records.’ I was SO FREAKIN PISSED because first off, I am doing THEIR job, THEY are supposed to refer me to someone and get me a damn appointment, I am only doing it because they can’t be bothered to get off their a**es… I can PROMISE you if they were having multiple seizures every day, couldnt work, couldnt drive, couldnt take care of themselves let alone their children, THEY would be a bit more concerned!

So I asked what office the doctor was in today (now that I don’t drive I dont even know what day it is :frowning: ) and they told me so I hung up and attempted to do what I did the last time, tattle on them :stuck_out_tongue: I know its bad, I know its childish, but what choice do I have? They have me by the (insert whatever word you want here) I have no choice but to go over their heads to the doc, who is incredibly nice, and indicated to ME but apparently not to his staff, that I needed to be seen by a neurosurgeon ASAP, and that was even before I got worse!

So I called and called, but the line was busy, just my luck, so I decided to take a nap before my kids got home. When my mil brought my kids home she said I looked terrible and to stay in bed, she stayed with them until my mom got there, and my mom took care of the kids the rest of the nite while I have been a bum. This is so unlike me, I usually go go go. I’m to the point I guess where I figure if no one else cares, why should I? My mom is distraught at how rapidly I have declined and wants to go to the doctors office tomorrow, but shes notorious for this stuff, then tomorrow it changes, once she cools off, so we’ll see…

Aw, Jo, I feel so bad for you! I hope your mom stays pissed and helps you tomorrow! I’m praying for you, my friend.

thanks connie, i just dont know what more i can do :frowning:

What a nightmare! No help from either the insurance company or the staff at your doctors’ offices!

Bunch of lazy ba****ds get you mom in there to kick ar**e, someone has to do it for you Jo and go right over their heads like Liam says

Mom’s not going, I knew if you give her some time to sleep on it she changes her mind, she wants me to try calling again, which I will. I’m honestly so frustrated by the whole situation I am going to try and get the doctor himself on the phone (see when I sleep on it I get MORE pissed when she sleeps on it she gets less pissed lol) I’ll update later, thanks for the support, I need it!

Jo I am apalled and humbled by your posting. I had no idea that people have to coordinate their own treatment like this in your country. It must be so frustrating that you are having organise multiple administrators when what you really need is to be taken care of. I am sending you my warmest thoughts - hope you get somewhere with them.

Im so sorry Jo, never give up the the one who is most important…YOU…stay strong, all will work out , and I will pray for you as well. Caroline