What is the highest dose of Keppra you can be on

I had another seizure this week at work. My neurologist increased my meds again. I am now on 4000mg of Keppra a day(2000 in morning and 2000 in pm) and 400mg of Lamictal(200mg in am and 200mg in pm. I tried to find out how much is the limit. I did see where in the UK the max was 4000mg. Does anyone know?

The highest I was ever on was 3000 milligrams per day in three divided doses as follows
8am - 1000mg
5:30pm - 1000mg
3am - 1000mg

This worked better at controlling breakthrough seizures for me than that a twice daily dosing schedule had. Also I didn't get as depressed when I took less at a time and I wasn't as sleepy during the day with the doses spread out like that. I believe here in the states 3000mg is the maximum total allowed but it could be lower for those with certain medical conditions or maybe even higher for someone with special permission, under controlled conditions, like in a hospital or psychiatric setting, persons participating in clinical studies or something. I mean there are always exceptions to every rule, but just in general yeah I think 3000mg is the upper limit.

When I first switched over to Keppra I was on Lamictal but after I was off all the old meds, reached the full dose level of Keppra and moved from a twice to thrice daily Keppra dosing schedule I was able to get off the Lamitcal.

Thank you for the reply

Hi there. My daughter has been on 4000mg Keppra (2000 am, 2000 pm) for about 1 year. Her surgery was in February 2013, and she began that dosage in April 2013, after a seizure in mid-March. She had a seizure in December 2013, but has kept the same dosage. Her neurologist recommended adding Lamictal, but my daughter wanted to try managing w/o adding meds.

The biggest thing for her is adequate rest and nutrition. She now drinks quite a bit of water during the day, and must snack more frequently.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Hi Melissa. I am currently on 350mg [175 * 2] of Lamictal per day. Previously I was on 2000mg [1000mg * 2] of Keppra per day. I had thought that 3000mg of Keppra was regarded as a high dosage. Is it possible the high dosage is related to being on 2 drugs?

How are you doing on the dosage? If you are able to cope and you are not having the seizures then that is what is important.

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I have only been on 4000mg a day as of last Wednesday. I had the seizure on last Tuesday. I have been having gran mal seizures every month and a half to two months since March 31st. My local Neuro doctor keeps increasing my dose each time. I feel light headed off and on, tired and sleepy. Maybe they will go away. I think it has almost been a year since I drove my car. I hate having to be dependent on someone else. I am going to contact the Mayo in Jacksonville to see if their Neuro might want to see again.