What have you done to your head? I get asked daily!

My AVM has pushed through my forhead like a baby’s soft spot and looks like a large bruise. Does anyone know anyone else that this has happened to?

Okay, we need to help you come up with a good reply to that…must be tiring to always have to answer that. You definitely need a tshirt! That sounds like a very very complicated and scary AVM. I have not seen or heard of one in that particular area, though. I hope you like this site. Thinking of you Paula.

thanks for your comment, what sort of t-shirt you think I need? Great site. before this I always felt alone.

Hey Paula, I don’t specicially know anyone that has had this happen, although I seem to recall reading a story about someone on here who did have the AVM both in and out of his brain on the side of his head…Couldn’t find it though.
But I know a little about the AVM causing me to “look” different. And it was harder when it was less obviously a medical issue. People used to think I had my wisdom teeth out or kids used to think I was eating candy (that one always made me smile!) Now it’s obvious something is wrong and I don’t get the questions so much as the stares.
But like Joy said, we have to think of something that would be a good reply. Here are just a couple suggestions. Keep in mind there are others on the board much more clever than I am!
-“Just a little scratch from the bar fight I was in with a large bald man. He had a snake tatoo on his head that was staring at me all night.”

  • “I’m really a Super Hero, and was out saving the world last night.”
  • "I live in a house with doorways that are only 5 feet high…I’m always hitting my head."
    Or of course there is the standard “My husband beats me.” But that one is sometimes hard to pull off unless you actually look like I do!!! Otherwise people might beleive you!!!

And I think Joy was refering to the AVM Awareness Tshirts we are making for the walk in SF. The vote is underway for the winning design and you can already put your order in if you are interested in buying one!


Thanks Shalon! Yes, that is what i meant about the tshirt because then you can just point to the shirt and say ‘this’ is what is on my forehead and if the doctors could figure out how to cure it, then I wouldn’t have it anymore. It is just SUCH a complicated thing to explain, isn’t it?