What happens in our body?

It is sometimes unlucky that we cant know for certain the processes in our bodies:thats why we need CT or X Ray check up.For the patients with AVM just like me and maybe you,it is double difficulty with much pain.
Pain which terrifies us each day and we dont know where it comes from.Which part of AVM causes the pain? I dont know...
A few weeks ago I was discharged from the hospital to home. I had made it through small operation to change the old shunt(a ventil pipe to pump water out frm my head)
which was broken.For months I had a disturb in my cognitive abilities and the memories-because shunt problems
I THOUGHT I reallly had made it. the doctors also told me so. After one month in one hospital i also think it has ended with pr
oblems that we can plan for big operation to remove AVM from my brain. But a new problem with the name pain came later, as I came home. I had these:
a high blood pressure
a fast rhytm of heart,pulse
a pressed head which causes pain
an uncontrolled trembling right hand
an uncontrolled manner of walking
Well,the doctors in Vivantes, Berlin,Germany had already done something,such as prescribing Amlodipin besilat for me ,controlling regularly blood pressure,removing thrombosis from my right leg,
and even changing the pressure of my shunt.It was desperating trip already for hospital,I and my mother,because I could hardly walk.We made it three times there, and desperating because I havent yet recover.The pressure still remains on certain areas.
Now, have anyone also the same symptoms? I will wait for the answer..Ireally cant wait when I get rid this pain from my head.
We cant choose whether we are AVM patients but we can choose to survive it.
Sincerely yours,

Oh well I forget to give my medication now
Gabapentin half times hundred mornings,each one for midday and evening
Amlodipin at morning 8
Metoprolol succinat 47,5 mg at morning and evening
Paracetamol as painkiller by needs
Ramipril 5 mg only mornings

Hi Willie. I am sorry that the recovery has not gone smoothly. We have a search box on this site. Go to the very top and I meant the very top right hand side of the page and you should see it. You can type in any word or phrase like high blood pressure or metoprolol and see other members who have the same issues. I will be praying for you!

thanks barbara.

It is a period of waiting--