What happens after the mri?

What does my Doc look for in the results? My problem is chronic migraine.How will I know if the avm is the trigger?

Sharon, though I am not a doctor and have no knowledge of your personal situation, still part of me is tempted to just come and say: yes, the avm is the trigger. Docs don't always know this, and have told many of our members that it isn't. But when you have been on the group for awhile and see so many members with a history of chronic migraines, it is not a far leap to assume that avms or the brain damage caused by them are responsible. We cannot promise you headache relief after treatment, though. I hope treatment brings relief, and to many it does, but some of our members continue to have headaches post-treatment.

We have a discussion about questions to ask your doctor. I think it will be helpful to you: http://www.avmsurvivors.org/forum/topics/questions-for-my-neurosurgeon

Thanks Dancemom. It is such a relief to know this. I've seen over 50 specialist in 30 years and they all claim the avm and migraine are unrelated. My migraines are untraditional in that they last anywhere from 2-7 days. Oxygen, benadryl and demerol can sometimes help break it. Otherwise I haven't found any meds or med combo that works consistently. I'm very grateful to have found this site. Also since the avm is in my speech center the odds are they won't operated. From what I 've read the surgeries aren't always a success.>