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What does it mean if a bubble study test is positive?


I sent you a message FYI


Hi Tiny, I sent you a message awhile back I’m not sure if you ever got it. Please check your inbox. But can you please also tell me were there angiograms that missed your daughters spinal avm? That is one of our biggest questions and fear


I inboxed you awhile back. Not sure if you got it. Please can you tell me were there angiograms done on your daughter multiple times before they finally found avm? Did they miss seeing it before? This is our biggest fear


Hi Tiny, I had messaged you awhile back. Please can you tell me did your child have angiograms where they couldn’t find the avm? Then finally had an angiogram where they did find it? That is our biggest question is was the avm/avf missed? I would live to know your story in detail if possible. IT us hard to find someone with a similar situation. Thank you