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What are the possiblities of getting dementia?


I was wondering if anyone has any information about what the possibilities of getting dementia from an AVM? My mother had dementia about a year before she passed away. Her mother passed away from Alzheimer's and all three of her sisters passed away from Alzheimer's. I didn't know it then but I believe that they all may have had HHT because I found out in 2008 that I do have HHT and I also have a cerebral AVM as well as my mother so I assume that my mother must have had HHT as well. I now worry about getting Alzheimer's since all of my mother's side of the family had it and is it possible that they all had HHT and could the HHT have anything to do with Alzheimer's? Could the AVM cause Dementia or Alzheimer's? If anyone has any information about AVM's and Alzheimer's it would be really good to find out and hopefully find a cure or even stop it in its tracks.


From AVM slim as dont beleive anything medically proven