What are DAVF headaches like?

I am having increased headaches, but this may be due to sinuses and allergies. What do the DAVF headaches feel like? Are they centered around where the fistula is? Do they easily go away when you take NSaids?


Mollymom, I’d caution you about using NSAIDs, as its a blood thinner. Please check with your doc before taking any. All the best!

My DAVF is behind my left ear and it feels like someone is constantly pulling my hair and it itches more on the side of my head
Also where my occipital lobes are on each side hurt but I think this started after my first angiogram

I dont take NSAIDs but if its bad I take either tramadol or a benadryl which lets me get some sleep
be careful of anything that thins or thickens your blood