What activities have helped you after Craniotomy or Embolization's?

I find myself stuck in my life. I don’t have a job and I have no hobbies. Is this a normal feeling?? I feel like all I do is sleep, I often feel alone and overwhelmed. I tried therapy at one point but I don’t feel it help’s.

Did you see a therapist who specialize in head traumas? We do have special needs. I felt tired for 2 years after my craniotomy. The meds can make you tired as well.

I'm always tired!!! I'm AVM free since December and I still feel BEAT..I read a lot which helps pass the time and also helps my brain move.Do you enjoy video games?? I know they have helped me a ton.Also I agree with Barbara look for a therapist who specializes in head traumas.I wish I could be more help.Please keep us posted on how your doing.