What a way to celebrate

ok…well I was thinking all along that my one year anniversary for my second surgery was on the 31st of October and today I brought it up to my husband and it was actually today. So here I am…been in the hospital since Monday and the soonest i get to go home will be Saturday afternnon. So no celebration for me. But boy am I ready to just be home again!!! I miss my 2 babies (cats) and just being in a familiar environment…which you cant get 6 hours a way from home. I’m just so thankful that Eric got to stay with me up here in chicago…and i have realized there is only one thing i hate and its THIS TOWN! No offense to those of you that live here…but you cant get on the road without someone flipping you off of honking like crazy!!! Ahhh soon…only 6 more doses of this I.V treatment which will end friday at 11 and then observation and then im out of here. hahaha. you all can probably tell I am not really with it today…so when i get home i will give you and update. :slight_smile:

Brittany, I’m in a fog…why are you in the hospital?

Please keep us updated. Can’t your cats come visit you? Maybe someone can sneak them in.