What a Change it has Been

I can't quite believe that it is one year ago that I was brought home from hospital after about two & a half months in there. As some of you already know, I was allowed home earlier than they wanted as my wonderful daughter & husband went to a rehab meeting with my daughter insisting that she would be able to care for me while my husband was at work. I couldn't be left alone as I couldn't talk much, read, write, spell, cook, know what stuff to use to shower and had no memory of how to look after myself at all. What a change it has been within 12 months!!

Now I can talk, read (slowly) but I have moved from baby books to Novels...can you believe it!! I remember what to use in the shower, can clean the house, cook dinner, write & spell (though not always correctly), put on eye shadow & mascara, go to the shops BY MYSELF, look after my grandchildren (1 at a time), drive, watch TV, go to the movies; use the computer, (it took me to June this year to be able to get on the computer again),
I could keep on and on...............I am so very, very lucky and grateful to God for my life and the surgeon's skill, my wonderful husband & family, this amazing site with such great people who accept me as I am, help me daily by chatting to me and giving me support and inspiration, lovely and funny message, and most of all, unconditional love.

I still have a lot to re-learn but with God's grace, love of my family and my friends here and near me, I WILL continue to recover. Love to you all and THANK YOU!!, Lesley.

Keep at it! I’m 6 years from when my AVM problems started. We will keep you in our prays.

Thanks so much Daniel…I remember reading your blog & profile some time ago and am very happy that you are doing so well and have such a wonderful wife!!

Fabulous Lesley! You should be very proud of your progress, it’s not always easy.

Thank you Trish, I am very grateful for all the help I’ve been given. You’re so right, nothing has come easily, however, it’s very worthwhile and I do appreciate my life, family & friends so much more these days!

Lesley, your story is so much like mine! My wonderful daughter brought me home and helped me get through the first year. It’s been almost 3 years since my brain bleed and it’s amazing how much I can do myself! Keep it on…we get better as we keep on trying! God Bless!

What a great post! And so many things to celebrate! All of those things you list…wow, what an accomplishment. You’ve come so far in just a year. A total inspiration for other people who are facing the same kind of recovery. To see what you’ve been able to accomplish will help others to know they can do the same. It’s awesome. Really.
I’m so very happy for you and everything you have already re-learned. I have no doubt you will keep on getting better and will find more aspects and proof of your recovery daily. You are awesome :slight_smile:

Wow, Lesley, I love your post and your remarkable recovery is inspiring to all. Such incredible triumphs, and of course, much work and continued progress to come. cheers, Sharyn

Keep it up! Every day brings something new and wonderful. Your recovery is great to read; you give us all hope. Thanks.

Wow, you are truly an inspiration to all! Best wishes for continued improvement!

That’s so wonderful Lesley!!! So glad you have and are still improving.

Encouraging to hear about your recovery. I know it’s frustrating to not be 100% right away, but it’s good to hear that you just keep getting better. When I first came home my husband had to bathe me, dress me, feed me…I appreciate him but I’m very independent and it was hard. Now I’m on the computer and such, but I can’t drive yet (I tried in a parking lot and ran over a curb in 5 seconds). Depth perception, balance and memory are still off. It sure makes you appreciate life, even the little things…doesn’t it? Hope you keep getting better and better!

Thank you all so much for your support and messages…my life is so much better with you all in it!!