AVM Survivors Network

We're looking for a Staff Blogger. You, maybe?

Do you have experience as a blogger? Understand a little about SEO? You may be just the Ben’s Friends member we are looking for! We’re hoping to find someone on one of our communities with social media blogging experience to write posts and short articles for strategic internet placement.

Success in today’s internet world depends on search engines being able to find you and send “customers” your way. Ben’s Friends doesn’t have “customers”, but we do want to make sure that patients with rare diseases and conditions are to be able find us when they need us and they Google. And that’s why we’re looking for the help of a member who’s a savvy blogger and who knows about SEO.

Send an email to info(at)bensfriends.org and tell us about your blogging experience. If you can send us a link to a blog you’ve written, even better.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

@TJ127? Go on :wink:

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We’re ahead of you…


TJ127 IS erudite, relatable and compassionate. He wd be a great blogger. I only know him from his posts.

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I’ve just met him but he already seems like a good candidate. I wish I knew more about blogging, I think I have a lot experience with these issues and get info from doctor every chance I get! Questioning everything!
Poor man …

Is the community still looking for a staff blogger? Is this a paid position?