We're glad to meet you, Angelmum from Victoria!

Hey there @Angelmum, welcome to AVM Survivors Network! I’m glad that you found this community and I see that you’ve already spent a decent amount of time reading and viewing different posts and topics, please continue doing so! Purple? wow! Mine’s favorite color is pink! How are you doing now? I hope you’re doing great!

If you’re having trouble with the site, the “New User Help” under the big banner is a very big help! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me! People here are so fond of sharing their own experiences and so, I encourage you to share yours too! You can do this by going to the home page of the site (by clicking the big banner at the top) and then find the “+New Topic” button on the right side of the site and finally, click the “Create Topic” button. :wink: