We're back in the hospital

hi everyone

nathan was just super irritable, he would not eat all day monday and his right eye was deviating to the right… and so we took him to our local hospital…because of his history the doctors decided to just admit him and ordered a ct scan to be done…thank God there wasn’t a new bleed but they did notice that his ventricles were enlarged compared to their ct scan from may…he has moderate hydrocephalus…we were transferred to UCSF and we’re now in the pediatric intensive care unit…nathan’s doing fine now…they plan on inserting a vp shunt either tomorrow or friday…please continue to keep him in your prayers…

God bless you all

  • tj and jaimee andaya

p.s i will be updating his website again incase you are interested in updates


Jamiee, we will keep you all in our thoughts and prayer, i’m so sorry to read this, take care

Give little Nathan a kiss for me, Jaimee. You can be sure that I will pray for our little miracle boy! Love, Connie

Sorry to hear this. You are in my thoughts. Stay strong.

Jaimee, is Nathan doing better today?

Sending my thoughts and prayers your way and please give nathan a big HUG for me. Love Lee Ann

You are in my thoughts and prayers… today, tomorrow and always…Please give us a update.


Oh jamiee i have just read about little nathan i am so sorry to hear what has happend, it is very good that you got him to the hospital very quickly, I hope and pray he is doing much better now and that he will be home again soon. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers