Wendy The Warrior is home

Updates soon, just wanted all to know! Sorry for not being on recently god bless you all.

GREAT NEWS Johnny!!! You’re a warrior too for sticking by her side and coping with all of this stress!!! Great job and can’t wait to hear more about her recovery to date! She will be so glad to be home too. My thoughts are with you both!

great news…you go girl…my hat goes off to you both you have both done a great job and things will only continue to improve

Hello Wendy and Johnny !
I am crying for happy while happy dancing for you !!!
Positive thoughts and loving prayers and lots of hugs to you…
Be good to you. Take care of you. Both of you.
Happy spring, happy Easter, happy days and may your blessings always be boundless.
May God guide, guard and hold you (all) in the palm of His hand as always.
You both do the hard work. You are individually and collectively strong, brave, resilliant and full of hope, determination and love.
“and the greatest of these is love”…
You are amazing, you are miracles, you are love.

YES!!! I’ve just joined the AVM site and was glad to hear of your wife’s recovery. My daughter is in rehab and my husband and I have traveled from Virginia to South Texas to be with her. Fortunately my husband and I are retired and can be here and the army is paying her medical bills. She has had treatment but the stroke still happened. Her stroke affected her right side.
I can really relate to your story and I wish Wendy the very best. God bless and may things get better every day…