just over a week ago my wife had her first embolization ,i came on many times looking for someone to talk to only one person replied to a blog post no one in chat, i tried many times

Hi Andrew,

Usually I don’t go into the chat room because I access the internet at work since I don’t have a computer at home. If there would be something you would like to talk about, you can leave me a message, and I promise I will get back to you. The weekends are kind of iffy because I may or may not go to the library to access the internet, but if it’s during the week, I will answer in the same day.

I hope your wife is doing better.

Take care,


Hi Andrew
sorry to hear you have had a hard time connecting with people here! There normally are at least a few people in chat. :(. Sometimes the blog posts can quickly slide down off of the main page if many people add them at once. Also you may find that if you pose a specific question in your title that you may get more traffic.
Have you searched the forum and blogs to find people who have similar experiences as you? If you leave a comment on their page I’m sure you will get some responses!
I hope your wife is doing well after her embo. I just got back from my 18th alcohol embo about 2 weeks ago. Not exactly the same since my AVM is facal, but the embo experience is relatively the same. Is she on any medication or steroids post embo? Is she felling well? Is the treatment plan embos followed by craniotomy?
We definitely are here to support you both and I hope you are able to connect better moving forward! Hang in there as I know this s a difficult time for you both.

I’ve noticed folks don’t use the chat too much here Andrew. I would suggest listing a question, what is happening to your wife, what info you are in need of, I’m sure from that you will get a lot of responses;) Talk soon… James

Chat is tuff. Feel free to post questions, rants & raves and I know you’ll get a response!

Hi Andrew - I have had multiple pulmonary avm’s embollized and will shortly (September 3) go in for an exploratory for a cranial avm. My embo’s left me with some discomfort that was managed with advil (mostly swelling in lining of lungs that caused chest pain), but other than taking it easy for a week or so, I felt pretty good afterwards. Is your wife feeling better now? /pat

Hi Andrew, sorry to hear you didnt get to chat to others when you really felt the need, if you want to rant you can always send me a message and if I can help I will give it my best shot.
I am feeling much stronger now that my son has the all clear after 4 years so can give my time to others going through similar things.
I hope your wife is feeling ok after her embo and you are also coping with the stress of it all x